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Local call rates and local mobile internet rates
for your russian phone line abroad!
You'll be able to use your russian* phone number outside of Russia.
ExpatMobile - this is a bundle of your MultiFon line and any another SIP-account.
When your MultiFon receives a call, our System makes a further call to predefined phone number via SIP. When this number answers, an interconnection of two these calls will be established and you can speak. The system also works for outgoing calls.
_____________ * The service is accessible for "MegaFon PJSC" subscribers only. You need just to activate a free option "eMotion Звонки" (private customers) or "MultiFon Business" (corporate customers). Read more at the bottom of this page.
Expatmobile makes the MultiFon service accessible on the go.
Imagine, you're at your trip outside of Russia. For sure you would love to be able to answer a calls to your russian mobile.
If you have a local SIM-card and an IP-telephony account, ExpatMobile will catch an incoming Russian call and forward it to your local SIM outside Russia using your IP-telephony account. You pay only to your IP-telephony provider for the call to the local SIM.
There's no roaming costs applied.
When receiving an incoming call you pay only to your SIP-provider for connection to your SIM abroad.
You are also not bound to count with the deceptive offers of the Russian Mobile Service Providers concerning Internet in roaming: You simply use the services of your local Mobile Internet Provider and receive calls from your Russian partners/friends, which calls are redirected by our system to the same local SIM.
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Basic subscription
/ 30 days
Standard subscription
/ 30 days
If you're OK with the incoming calls only, you're good enough with the Basic ExpatMobile's version. It's easily set up in your User Interface.
For a usage of a Standard ExpatMobile's version and to be able to make the outgoing calls we created a service mobile App (Android+iOS) who switches our PBX for you on flight. It is to give your attention here to the questions about the costs for a call from your current foreign SIM card till your SIP-account's global phone number (DID) and overall the presence of such a DID. Further that call is redirected to the MultiFon and your interlocutor sees your russian number calling him.
Please don't forget that there are two different MultiFon subscriptions, depending on the customer type:
МультиФон Бизнес (MultiFon Business, for corporate customers), which is activated by "Личный Кабинет – Услуги и опции" (Customer's panel) or via USSD *137#. This MultiFon is billed separately of your basic MegaFon subscription (1,60 rub. to mobile numbers of Russia and 1…1,60 rub. to fixed phones).
eMotion Звонки, which you activate by writing to MegaFon's Customer Support Chat. The option is also enabled with the activation of a MegaFon's App "eMotion". Once it's done, better you remove the eMotion App in order to avoid interferences between this App and the ExpatMobile System. This MultiFon subscription is billed accordingly to your MegaFon home rate.
It is obvious that it is better to use the Option "eMotion Звонки" within the ExpatMobile system, if it's possible.
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